Averaged gross prices of a project for given areas – prices in Euro/m2

up to 50 m2

up to 100 m2

up to 150 m2

up to 250 m2

Cena za m2

80 Euro zł/m2

Czas projektowania

35 days

The detailed design includes:

– up to 6 preeliminary functional arrangements and twice corrections

– stylistic moodboards; – thorough analysis at every stage of desing and corrections

– store visits and live material meetings (in Szczecin) – visualizations (with the possibility of making corrections twice); detailed manufacturing drawings;

– list of equipment, cost estimate + offers from shops

– valuations: carpentry, custom-made furniture, stonework, etc.; technical, material and stylistic advice until completion. Individual pricing depends on the number and function of rooms in a given area.

The given price list is averaged, e.g. a 70m2 apartment has 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, communication. Designing m2 of a kitchen or bathroom is more time-consuming than the design of general communication.

Inventory outside Poland and over 100 km from Szczecin is additionally charged for travel at the kilometer rate (0,89zł/km + accomodation if needed 250-400zł per night in hotel)